Blizzard will be holding Overwatch’s first weekend stress test

Overwatch has been out for a few weeks now, though overwatch gold for sale only a limited number of people have regular access to the beta. However, if you have been waiting to get hands on with the game yourself, then you may get a chance this weekend as Blizzard will be holding its first weekend stress test for its servers in the EU and US. For this, the studio will be inviting “lots more players”. Overwatch, Blizzard’s team-based shooter that was unveiled at last year’s BlizzCon, is going into public beta Oct. 27, the developer announced today.

Blizzard said it will admit a “small number of testers” into the closed beta to fine-tune Overwatch’s gameplay on that day, then “open the floodgates” on certain weekends to stress-test the game’s technical performance. From the 20th to the 23rd of November, Blizzard will be inviting more players to Overwatch. Invited accounts will be ‘flagged’ ahead of time to give everyone plenty of time to download the client and get ready for the three-day event. Overwatch‘s Open Beta, which is free to all, officially starts on May 5  and ends on May 9.

The beta will be available on all platforms, so PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners all get in on the fun. We have tons of would-be heroes signed up for the Overwatch beta, and we want to give as many as possible a chance to play during the testing period,” Blizzard said. The Overwatch beta will feature the 18 currently announced hero characters. Assistant game director Aaron Keller told Polygon in an interview that more content, including new characters and maps, could be added to the beta if Blizzard feels the need to test them out in a public environment.

“There’s a lot of balance that needs to happen,” Keller said. “There are a lot of heroes and a lot of interdependencies there. Original Story: Whoops. An ad campaign on IGN, presumed to have been incorrectly set live too early, has revealed the planned Overwatch release date and that beta access will be given to all pre-orderers almost a month earlier. As seen above, May 24th is the launch date on PC, plus the newest consoles, while pre-ordering will get you access on May 3rd as part of the beta – likely to stress-test servers along with issue final balance fixes.

The post was spotted by Reddit user Deadpoolthegreat, who grabbed a pair of screenshots before the ads were taken down. Above is from the mobile version of IGN. But wait, overwatch gold there’s more! Pre-orderers of Overwatch, or at least those who pre-order prior to April 28, will get early access to the Open Beta, as well as a code for a friend. The early access Open Beta starts two days earlier, kicking things off on May 3. What does that mean for the closed beta and its participants? Closed Beta 2 will continue to run up until May 3, when the Open Beta’s early access officially begins.

Closed Beta participants do not get into the early access without pre-ordering, it seems, but the open beta will be for all. While the Beta Test Weekend is only two days long, you are welcome to run tournaments (with or without prize pools). However, given the size and scope of this phase of beta, we will not be issuing tournament licenses for large-scale events with prize pools over $10k. For smaller events, please review our Community Tournament Guidelines before you begin planning to make sure your community tournament is in compliance.

NBA 2K17 is a wonderful game with improved quality

2K Sports started mapping out plans for NBA 2K17 nba 2k17 coins even when the recently released NBA 2K17 was barely testing the waters. NBA 2K17 will of course attract the gamers’ eagerness to see what’s coming next from 2K Sports in the NBA series. The game will simulate regular NBA season, playoffs, Summer League, Euro League among other various leagues from many countries. It will also include a mode to create and develop a player. Your player will grow into a superstar as you can improve its attributes and skills after experience.

With MyPLAYER mode, you can take over the whole NBA franchise. It is the most played feature of the game as it lets you improve your skills and test it with players all over the world. There is a feature to play the game via a companion app which will allow you to play and earn in game currency and other things. As for the next game; NBA 2k17, only a few details have been released. 2k is not very popular for its esports and have been criticized for them. It will take a ton of work in the new game as well as their servers to make this permanent online in NBA 2k17.

2k has started their campaign to promote their latest development and will soon release more new on the topic. We will keep you posted if there is any more news. The most requested feature for “NBA 2K17″ would be to incorporate improved customization options. In My Player Mode, it would be nice to have different options for height and body build. Additionally, the current game’s face-scanning technology could also use an update that would lead to more accurate results. Players also wish to see more outfits and accessories added to the game.

According to the Bleacher Report, it would also be interesting to see new game modes in “NBA 2K17,” specifically one inspired by the upcoming Summer Olympics in Rio. Players could create their own international team and compete with others in Play Now. Also, hopefully, players would also be able to choose different countries to represent. Have you checked and played NBA 2K17? To me, it is one of the best basketball games so far.

However, not all what was expected is there, but still I can say deliberately it is amazing game. The time I played NBA 2K17 some more exciting ideas spurred up in my mind, thus I thought to write a list of it before I lose them. If you also have some great ideas which you were expecting from NBA 2K17 or which you would like to see in NBA 2K17, you can share in the comment section. A fantastic player to have won an Olympic gold medal, have additionally stowed a few NBA titles, includes the NBA Most Valued Player and also the NBA Rookie of the Year. He was likewise the first fresher to be named the Naismith College Player of the Year.

He is not only a valued and adored player by his fans, but at the same time is acclaimed for his liberality to the community. He had additionally appeared in nba 2k17 mt a film known as Thunderstruck in the year 2012. NBA 2K17 is one of the best basketball games available. However, the game doesn’t meet all the expectations of fans, although it is unfair to say that 2K has not released an amazing game. Without a doubt, NBA 2K17 is a wonderful game with improved quality and presentation, but as always, fans have their own wishlists and hopes for the upcoming title.




NBA 2K franchise’s latest installment is always highly anticipated

NBA 2K17 introduces an attribute cap for positions, so you need to be extra careful in choosing which player you choose and how you’re going to play that position. nba 2k17 coins The weight of your player won’t have an impact on how quick or strong your player is, but rather the position of your player will. That means that creating a C will make it a lot harder to run the length of the court on a fast-break than it has been in past years. Earning VC in NBA 2K17 can be a time consuming process. The currency is used to level up your player and get you new gear.  Well it turns out that there are a few ways to get seemingly unlimited VC in My Career and My Park modes.

So how do you get this VC you ask? Let’s start with the My Career VC Glitch first. This one is pretty easy.  Simply load up your My Career in NBA 2K17 set-up your games for Hall of Fame Difficulty and either 6 or 12 minute quarters. Next, just load up your next game. The release of the NBA 2K franchise’s latest installment is always highly anticipated. It’s been the best selling basketball video game for years and it’s a huge part of the NBA culture. Players in real life are dedicated to using their down time to try the digital world of the NBA. With 2K Sports’ ever-expanding MyCareer mode, anybody has had a chance to scan their likeness into the game and try to build up their MyPlayer to becoming an NBA legend.

In NBA 2K17, things were taken a step further with the introduction of “Livin’ Da Dream,” a storyline attached to MyCareer mode courtesy of Spike Lee. If you’re familiar with Spike’s many films during his incredible directing career, then you may be able to anticipate a lot of the stories and plot points thrown your way. While Diamond Cards are as rare and valuable as diamonds themselves, scoring one is pretty hard. However, this trick will help you get the Diamond Air Jordan 3 and the Diamond Contract Card. Here’s how, as explained by CheatCC:

Everytime you obtain a new card, choose “View Card” and rotate it in all possible angles. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll find a Rune — a symbol that looks like an alien and often appears on the left border of the card, near the “Ovr” rating. It’s very rare to find a rune, but collecting five runes will provide a special code that will open the MyTeam Black Market temporarily. If you want to run the court and be constantly involved with ball movement and pacing, then one of the guard positions is probably ideal. Gamers have 75 levels to upgrade their player with an extra 25 that they could earn by achieving goals in drills — such as shooting tests like ‘Beat The Pro: 15 Feet’ and ‘Beat The Pro: ‘Elbows’ — during live practice.

These drills being part of a live practice have been unchartered territory for the buy nba 2k17 mt NBA 2K series until this year’s installment. Gamers can get up close and personal with their own basketball players in the newest edition of NBA 2K17, which hits stores tomorrow. In this game, users will follow their player’s journey starting from high school and ending in the NBA under the MyCareer mode, as told by Nunzio Ingrassia of The mode will begin in high school where the player must play in three games before getting recruited by colleges. The 10 colleges featured include UCLA, Kansas, Georgetown, Louisville, Arizona, Connecticut, Texas, Villanova, Wisconsin and Michigan.

The NBA 2K17 has been one of the most popular games

In lieu of cheaper prices, NBA 2K17 has massive overhauls to most of its gameplay. MyCareer, Pro-Am and the game’s online leagues are refreshed and ready for another season. MyGM has new options too. Here’s what you need to know ahead of the NBA 2K17 release date. The NBA 2K17 release date is set for September 29th. On that day digital and physical versions of the game will go on sale for users who didn’t pre-order ahead of the game’s release. Unlike the latest first-person shooters and accessories, you can still get play NBA 2K17 without having to purchase Sony and Microsoft’s latest consoles.

There’s versions of NBA 2K17 coming for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 and Windows PCs. In line with this promo Xbox Live Gold members who wished to buy the game “at a later point, you will be able to start again right where you left off.” Gamerscore and achievements earned while playing will be credited after purchasing the game at Xbox store or at select retailers after the free play. 2K17 Sports has always tried to keep nba 2k17 coins NBA 2K17 as realistic as possible. Soon after the NBA trade-line got over last month, 2K Sports was fast enough to make changes to its roster. The NBA 2K17 has been one of the most popular games and fans keep a tab on any update coming their way.

The immense popularity of NBA 2K17 has propelled to new heights now. The official NBA 2K 2K17 Twitter handle crossed One Million followers. That called for celebrations and 2K Sports will now reveal NBA 2K17 Locker Codes for Random Items. But you have to wait until tomorrow. You could also get a “chance at Amethyst & Diamond Players”. When paying Hot Shots, you’ll be quickly reminded how easy the game can be. When at the character selection screen, you’re able to choose a variety of options such as type of club and ball you want to use.

Depending on what you select, different attributes will see an increase. You can also select the shot setting for your golfer. The settings are gauge, circle and arrow. Each one is simple, but it’s nice to see the game has given multiple options for the way we want to play. This week’s Xbox One Deals With Gold have been rolled out, and there are some nice discounts to be had on Shape Up, Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly, and Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments.

According to Touch Arcade, NBA 2K17, the only NBA simulation game for iOS, will be on sale until May 14 for $2.99. The mobile game has received several updates since its debut to address bugs and issues. To celebrate Stephen Curry’s NBA Most Valuable Player, Amazon offered NBA 2K17 for just $30 for 30 hours beginning Thursday on Amazon. Curry wears No. 30. The prices have been updated since that sale, but the game is still heavily discounted. Also getting the chop is Costume Quest 2, which is a might 60% off this week. NBA 2k17 makes its semi-regular appearance on the list with 50% off, and with three bundles of in-game currency being discounted too.

With the NBA season winding down, nba 2k17 mt Microsoft wants to make sure everyone has a chance to land a few shots from the virtual free throw line this weekend. While playing this weekend, if you decide you’d like to keep playing after the event, we have a special discount this weekend only on the NBA 2K17 Bundle, which includes 15,000 VC, for 40% off MSRP. Plus, all NBA 2k17 Virtual Currency for Xbox One is 33% off all weekend long,” Xbox Wire added.

Black Desert Online has a huge interesting world

BDO is more about GvG PvP, rather than faction vs faction (there are no factions). You can declare war on other guilds and kill anyone in that guild outside safe zones (towns/farms). It’s technically possible to be a bandit/pirate in BDO, but it’s not really worth it because of the penalties and how hard it is to gain your Karma back. In order to get to level 50, you will have to not only grind, but also carry out essential quests in black desert daum cash account order to unlock the ‘final’ quest that allows you to push from 49 to 50. This guide will mix some grinding locations with quests in order to ensure you manage to acquire the final quest.

Since Black Desert Online has a huge world, it’s a tad difficult to describe the exact locations of the places mentioned in this guides, and their direction to them. I think The Division’s recent beta tests were a pretty good indicator that the game was going to be something special, and millions of gamers seemed to agree — its smashing records for Ubisoft, becoming their fastest selling title to date. The Division is insanely ambitious, being the product of not one, but several Ubisoft studios, and looks set to topple Destiny from its connected-shooter crown.

The comparisons between the newly released Black Desert’s The Division and 2014’s Destiny are making it’s rounds across the internet. Both are similar in structure while being different games almost entirely. One is an online coop role-playing first-person shooter while the other is an online coop role-playing third-person shooter. With similarities all over the place, it’s time to find out just which game does it better because competitive behavior is all the rage these days. Completing this game goal requires you to get enough happy reactions during the conversation.

Depending on the way it is worded you may also need to get the happy reaction so many times in a row. For example: “Goal: Interest NPC 2 times straight” means you will need to get a happy reaction from him 2 times in a row to pass the goal. You want to pick topics with high interest to complete this goal. In the screenshot below you can see that the goal is to “Arouse interest 4 times straight”, so I picked topics with high interest. bdo daum cash account The topic “Marsella” has an interest of 41 and under “Efficiency” we can see that I have a 100% chance of success with this topic.

Both games are heavily reliant on finding sweet, sweet loot. Every enemy, every chest has a chance to drop that upgrade to take your damage or damage resistance to the next level. While both games offer a wide variety of gear drops, Destiny’s loot drops feel more rare when they do fall. Player versus player in Black Desert should feel relatively familiar to any one with former MMO PvP experience. Granted it, like most games, has it’s own rule set and restrictions (penalties) in place to curb overly negative behavior from the player base. Below we’ll cover a general description of the various means in which you may engage in pvp.

There’s castle siege every other week where guilds compete to own a castle. If you own a castle, your guild gets 5% of AH tax in that area. There’s also GvG node wars (not exactly sure how this works, but nodes are basically where you send your workers to gather materials). Then there’s 3v3 arena PvP and I think they plan to add 5v5 arena PvP. There’s also the open world arenas where you just do whatever you want, no death/karma penalties– good for testing.

How does Black Desert close to the real thing

Black Desert, the Korean MMO with gorgeous graphics and an amazingly detailed character creator, is coming west at last. It will be released this year in North America and Europe for PC with a buy to play business model. In order to know more we asked a few question to Marketing Manager Rick van Beem and Project Manager Daniel Loehr, who talked about the reasons behind the decision to go buy to play, how the business model will be handled, the challenge behind the western localization, gameplay and much more. black desert online daum cash So it has to be asked: how close was it to the real thing?

The walls evaporating and the furniture flying out into space was good for a laugh, but kind of hokey, and not something you’d really see on LSD. (Granted, that may depend on how much Sunshine you eat.) The subtler effects, though—the queasy surround-sound audio, the breathing chair, the moving carpet, the shifting colors—were right on. But the most intense and true part of the experience came when the guy to my left turned and locked eyes with me. His stare is one I’ve received (and likely given) before while watching my own coffee table melt. It was an intense moment.

Staring back into those eyes, connecting with this image of a fully digitized actor projected onto a pair of LCD screens inches from my face, I felt a familiar fear. The western title is Black Desert Online, and Publisher Daum Games said European and North American alpha tests will take place “soon” with the full release expected in early 2016. Here’s a new teaser trailer celebrating the news. The western release won’t be free-to-play like its Korean and Russian equivalents; it will require a one-time upfront box price, like Guild Wars, with optional vanity and convenicence (booster) purchases. The gameplay balance and progression will be adjusted accordingly.

“We are putting a lot of effort in the game’s Western localization,” said Daum Games’s Daniel “Belsazar” Loehr. If you haven’t been following Black Desert Online’s development, you probably know it as ‘that one with the crazy character creator’, and you’d be right—we’re approaching Black Desert’s second and final beta, and the character creator has been deemed special enough for a standalone release ahead of time. You can download it and marvel at the results (hideous or uncomfortably beautiful) here. Any characters you make in the creator can be imported both to the beta and the finished game.

Kirkley says the VR experience may make its way onto the Vive in an official capacity—but for now, he hopes to use it as a tool to draw people into theaters to see the film. “I imagine setting it up in the lobby of the theater when we do a screening,” he says. “People are always waiting for things to show up on streaming now. I’d like to encourage people to come see it in the theater.” (Orange Sunshine will have distribution soon, Kirkley says.)

The director says it’s the first VR depiction of an acid trip he’s aware of. Then again, VR technology itself—with its profound dissociative effect and sensory manipulation—is already authentically psychedelic. bdo dc Origins just goes one step further by explicitly attempting to simulate the hallucinations one would experience after taking mind-altering drugs. Mercifully, it lasts only four minutes and not 12 hours.

It is a very important resource in Blade and Soul

NCsoft’s kung fu MMORPG Blade & Soul just got official release on Jan 19 while most of the players are still enjoying the gameplay, a player named Mark Bright brought a charge against developer blade and soul gold NCsoft with the California Criminal Court, for the continued “psychological trauma” caused by the summoner class in Blade & Soul. Skills are separated according to priority, core skills being the must max or keep at high level skills and optional skills are dependent on preference (either max learned at whatever level or just prereq your call), and finally an explanation on the skills not usually learned or used in PVE.

The remaining SP you would notice if you follow the templates exactly are left to spend at your discretion, as I tend to leave it as is if there is nothing else important to learn. This dungeon has proven incredibly popular with players in other regions and will include speedrun challenges and leaderboards to encourage replays. Blade and Soul- Another epic dungeon, Blade and Sou will challenge players to fight a pirate admiral. Naryu Labyrinth – This unique epic dungeon is a twisting maze with three levels of content, each with its own boss fights and special challenges. It will conclude with players fighting the gods of thunder and wind.

Silverfrost Mountain expansion – This major add-on will open up a new continent in the world of Blade & Soul, as well as new dungeons and an increased level cap of 50. Gold in Blade and Soul is a very important resource. You need it for many different portions of the game, with perhaps the most important being upgrading your weapon and accessories. The upgrading system, which we discuss in other posts, requires that you craft, acquire, or purchase a variety of materials. For reasons that will become clear shortly, nobody can craft all the materials they need, so every player has to buy some of them.

While there are a good number of costumes which can be unlocked in-game, there are a sizable number of designs available in Blade & Soul’s Cash Shop – aka. the Hongmoon Store. While three costumes have left the Hongmoon Store today (Holly Jolly, Winter Cat Set and Winter Flower – all of which will presumably not be available again until next Christmas), NCSoft have replaced them with a brand new update to the store. As of today, a number of (presumably) permanent and time limited items are now available for purchase. Some of these are available for all characters.

This generally does not come up as a significant issue until the late game. Early on, you can find new accessories pretty easily and you don’t need to put much effort into upgrading your weapon. Summoner, the class in question, is one of the playable classes in Blade & Soul. They are able to summon a feline as their companion. The feline will go everywhere the Summoner goes, fighting with their master together.

Of course, the new Warlock class may not appeal to everyone. In that case, buy blade and soul gold the “Unchained” update for Blade & Soul can offer up a new dungeon, another level to the solo dungeon Mushin’s Tower, and general fixes. The new dungeon, Naryu Labyrinth, is available to parties of both four and six players. The Naryu Labyrinth includes a three-stage process with a random door opening within in the dungeon after each stage. Each time players complete the Naryu Labyrinth, they will complete it in a different order.

NBA2k16 is really a fun game to play

The trick to using the glitch in My Park Online Mode is you need to Head to a 3-man Got Next Spot and then start the game. Earn the VC from here and as the game starts you need to quit out of the game. Personally, I prefer to use a second character to use this Glitch to avoid hurting your rep online. When you are back to your home court, nba 2k16 coins you’ll notice the earned VC. Get NBA 2K16 locker codes for free here. Either a VC code or a diamond player code , no need to worry anymore. Get working NBA k16 locker codes for free here in just under a minute. Fresh locker codes for NBA will be added everyday. The codes here work only for NBA 2K16 and not for 2k15.

How to get a free NBA code here? The interface is very user friendly and nothing to confuse, every thing is very clear. First understand one thing, this is not a NBA 2k16 locker codes generator download tool. This is no download no password tool. Here everything goes online , so no download. So don’t expect for downloading a tool for NBA 2016 locker codes. A few upgrades and new increments were made to NBA 2K16, for example, full body checking, and general stylish enhancements. A few forms of the diversion will be discharged, for example, a unique release, which incorporates a few physical and advanced additional items. In the event that players pre-request the amusement, they get it a few days sooner than the individuals who don’t.

NBA 2K16, similar to nba 2k15 is showcased as being “better” than the antecedent, the same number of elements are included and made strides. One such change, is the tattoos; when making a player, there are more than 1500 unique plans accessible, while past amusements just had a couple dozen individual tattoos. Different things that are touted as being enhanced are the visuals, the player customization (hair styles, embellishments, and so on.), an amusement’s few modes, and the general gameplay. Numerous aesthetical upgrades are made too, for example, new livelinesss, and overhauled menus.

NBA2k16 is really a fun game to play. But you need more VCs in order to make your player stronger and rank higher. 2K Sports is trying to keep NBA 2K16 as realistic as possible. Soon after the NBA trade-line got over last week, 2K Sports was fast enough to make changes to its roster. The NBA 2K16 has been one of the most popular games and fans keep a tab on any update coming their way. Some of the Locker Codes related to the game have already expired and it is time for some new changes. As per the GospelHerald reports, NBA 2k16 Virtual Currency (VC) and Diamond player locker codes are now available online.

This 2k16 version seems to be one of the most enhanced, improved and uniquely designed game package that you will ever find. The new version features updates like better controls, full body scan of players for improved aesthetic movements, etc. Simply put, NBA 2k16 has been able to transform the traditional and monotonous gaming style into a new and modern one. The game displays some promising characteristics too. For example, you can easily create and design your own player and team and also decide its skill set, attributes, appearance and other such traits.

The game is also equipped with a total of 50 songs which are absolutely like a cherry on the cake. You can either choose one of the given playlists or create your own one. This Online Park Mode nets you a huge chunk of VC into your account. In My Park Online Mode, if you try to make use of this glitch again ad again then nba 2k16 mt coins you might ruin your online record and reputation. Sometimes this glitch also might ruin you game by asking you to quit out of the game as you try to load.

Welcome to the Devilian game World

This is the land of Ael. Monsters roam the lands and the world is under threat by a fallen god. You are a Devilian; half Devil, half human. Your task is to save the world. However, both you and Devilian are three years late to the party. Three years have passed since the game’s initial release and the only reasons you could have to try Devilian are to pass time, play a game that is simply functional and pretty. Closed alpha for Atlas Reactor has come to an end, and we have the chance to look at some of the gameplay in detail. Although it is a hybrid of two genres, the game does justice to its parts, and the final product is nothing short of spectacular.

Much like this intro, Devilian throws you right into it with no ceremony. Launch the game, select one of four classes to use, Buy Devilian Gold each having their own particular devil form. The classes (all gender-locked) are Berserker, Evoker, Cannoneer and Shadowhunter. After selecting your preference, you’re given a wide number of options for character customization, wider than normal in options like color, as everything offers up the whole color spectrum. Bluehole Ginno’s link to the developers of Tera is made plain with the character models. My character (a tall, slender and well endowed Evoker) looked like she could have come right out of Tera.

Well you probably won’t be wanting to pay that but Devilian does look fairly interesting. It’s from Trion, who are doing just all sorts of stuff these days, looking to combine an MMO and Diablo into a F2P monster-smashing. Matt quite liked what he saw a couple of months back and I must admit the idea of a newer, flashier Diablo is tempting after my recent return to the game. Not quite $150 worth of tempting, mind. Obviously this is designed as an early access and production-helping premium, rather than the kind of money they expect people to be dropping upon release.

There’s a stack of extra goodies you get along with your instant access, but the $50 level is likely closer to where you’ll want to be – that means beta access once it’s ready and still gives you a bunch of in-game stuff to be getting on with. The following was my response since I was also initially trying to play the game based on years of muscle memory with how most isometric games have been designed in terms of controls. The game play feels clunky if one is trying to play it with movement bound to the mouse along with a skill bound to its buttons (ie. how many isometric games are designed including D3 which I also play).

I felt the same way when I first played this; binding movement to left mouse button along with combat skills; even with using a multi-bound key like Ctrl for force stand still, the design of some boss fights requires a lot more independent control. And it looks at its core, the game was initially designed for WASD movement; sort of more MMO like than classic isometric ARPG’s. There isn’t even force move for example which more so leads me to believe the game was originally designed to have movement independent of the mouse. The ability to bind movement to the mouse buttons seems more like an afterthought but was added since it’s going to be expected behavior (plus years of memory muscle playing isometric style ARPG’s in that particular manner).

Coming back to the game, Atlas Reactor is actually a 4v4 multiplayer turn-based tactical game, Devilian Online Gold with elements of a MOBA in terms of the distinct characters to choose form, each with unique designs and mechanics. The characters belong to one of three classes, namely support such as healers, damage dealers such as assassins, and tank characters that can soak up hits. Characters are on a rotation, which means they are free to pick, and we assume there will be a micro-transactions model that allows players to unlock characters permanently.

The Blade & Soul gorgeous combat system

Blade & Soul’s Unchained update will add a new Warlock class to both the Jin and Lyn races. The Warlock can utilize mid-range abilities to pull in foes for quick combos. They can then finish their opponents by summoning the powerful entity Thrall (No, not that Thrall) to obliterate any targets. The Warlock can mix together long-string combos with dark magic to overwhelm enemies, making it an ideal class, especially since all players will get an additional character slot to help welcome its arrival. The Warlock is a dagger-wielding class similarly to the Assassin, although there will now be two types of daggers and not a mutual one for the two.

The class is all about immobilizing and summoning apparitions that are responsible for a good deal of the Warlock’s damage output. Although the main weapon is the dagger, you will mostly recognize the class by the floating spell tags and the demonic summons. NCSoft is looking to reveal more about the Warlock class next week. Technically I know advanced assassination techniques, but it’s all a sort of Kung Fu as far as NCsoft’s latest Korean import is concerned. Check out my impressions after one week of that sort of fighting—you know, the one everyone is doing.

The item system is needlessly convoluted, filling my inventory with locked that require keys to open, and not a lot of stuff so far has been better than the four upgradable pieces of equipment my character already has. Crafting confuses me. It seems to require several steps, including some random waiting. I’ll try and get into it for next week. And boy, does Blade & Soul oblige. Few MMOs pull off combat better, and each of the seven classes can unleash combos that require watching what players and NPCs are doing in an effort to counter them. It’s far more Street Fighter than blade and soul gold World of Warcraft, even to an extent unmatched by TERA.

Whether I was slamming diminutive Lyn warriors in the face with my oversized axe or rooting Kung Fu Masters as a spell-slinging Force Master, it was always enjoyable. One perfectly executed combo can mean the difference between life and death in PvP. The combat system is gorgeous, with its stunning animations and endless combos. So many combos that I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten more than I know, but that just means when I pull off that cool thing my assassin does when he kicks his enemy into the air I appreciate it that much more.

The story starts off on a respectable (if predictable) note, when the Hongmoon School gets wiped out, leading to a 45-level-long quest for revenge. The opening quests and cutscenes benefit from a welcome dose of cinematic suspense and camaraderie, but the tale quickly loses momentum in the drudgy march from one hub for kill-and-fetch quests to the next. By Level 15, I’d largely stopped caring about what the people I encountered had to say at all. I just wanted to punch stuff.

Servers are crowded, and most people are dicks. Having been an MMO blade & soul gold player for more than 15 years, I’m used to a certain degree of courtesy between players. If you see someone else going from a creature, you let them have it. Not in Blade & Soul. The rule here seems to be do whatever you can to get the first hit. During peak times there aren’t enough critters to go around in crowded areas, and it’s frustrating as hell. As with any massively multiplayer online role-playing game, we like to put between two and four weeks in before rendering any sort of official verdict.